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TARA WILSON seethed with anger-she had been given a tongue lashing by her overbearing boss NINA WILLIAMS and her sniveling sidekick a SUE YIN.Tara needed to get even but how-then it hit her as she stared at the vats containing a liquid plastiwax.Quickly she put her plan in motion with the able assistance of another worker they drugged the two womens coffee leaving them in a drug induced fog.They entered their office and guided them down to the floor empty of workers who had gone home for the weekend.They stripped them of their clothes and placed them in baskets and guided them next to a vat filled with an expoxy.They lowered them into the vat immersing them completely leaving them for several minutes then lifting them out leaving them covered in its whitish film.They then allowed it to cure as they transferred them to a small wirebasket standing them upright then wheeled them to the vat containing the plastiwax which was bubbling.They lifted the baskets upward until they dangled over the vats and lowered them into the bubbly liquid and placed a lid sealing them inside.They set a timer leaving the room.The next day they returned and lifted the women out of the vat and lowered them to the floor where heat lamps were switched on drying the wax to absolute hardness.They examined the now mannequized duo noting that they were perfect their cold plastic eyes staring at them .They thought that these two would terrorize no more.They painted their lips and applied makeup then put them in the shipping department where on Monday morning along with the other mannequins they were boxed and shipped to a department store in TOKYO where they displayed lingerie.As for the two women they were promoted in place of the missing women in the factory..


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mike smith
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born 1961 denver colorado usaf vet loves old sci fi movie especially frozen ladies

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