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 seeing the female form frozen robotized and various forms of asfr is fascinating to me kiss the girls and make them die is a favorite I would like to see more realistic scenes of females frozen robotized etc..
lois lane  reporter for the daily planet has just arrived in the city to cover the missing women. attending a news conference she listens to police cheif west outlining the investigation. at the end of the conference she returns to her hotel room. just as she was about to go to bed the phone rings lois picking up the phone says if you want an exclusive on this story meet me at 1234 w gifford at two a.m. with that the phone goes dead. lois looks at the clock saying i have one hour to get there. at two a.m. she arrives at the adress a decripit old building lois looking around asked anybody here. i am said another voice as it was susan richards the invisble woman. how did you get here asked reed. by a phone message lois replied. i did too i came here hoping to find my friends as reed is on a fishing trip with johnny and ben. just then a noise came from inside as two darts shot out of the building strikng the women rendering them unconscious. they were then dragged into the building later... a short while later the two came to consciosness strapped to carts both ladies had been undressed as both were renderde immobile . sue use your powers to free us. cant replied theres a damping feild on me. quite correct there is your power is useless in here susan and you lois superman will not come for you this time holding up the beeper he cant hear you either for it is soundproof. who are you demanded sue what do you want. i am doctor cyro as for why you are here well youll find out you see i collect beauty  but it was due to an accident that i have found a way to preserve it. you see five years ago my wife and two daughter contracted cancer at the same time inoperble cancer so to keep them alive i froze them . pushing a button a wall moved aside showing three tubes inside was his wife wilma a shapely chinese woman and his two daughters mindy a ravishing 16 year old girl and grace an 18 year beauty. all three of them frozen nudes. now as to your answer of why i called you two to come here. why sue for what purpose. oh yes to freeze you and join your sisters in stasis turning to his console he threw another switch and another set of tubes were display. inside these tubes were the missing girls lois and sue noticed each female was posed in a seductive manner in a most beautiful manner. now ladies it is time. quickly giving each the hypnotic drug both women entered a trance state. then each woman was placed in a container. the machine pulled them inside where arms grabbed each girl posed them and placed them in a tube. then a gooey gel filled the tubes immersing each lady completly. then a cap was placed over the tubes sealing them inside. then tubes were placed in the chiller freezing each woman instantly. finally the tubes were placed on a pedestal as cyro looked over his latest creations lois and sue had been turned into statues of ice each posed erotically their hair floating as caught in a whirlpool their eyes gazing off in the distance. they were then placed next to the already frozen heriones susan next to dyna girl and lois next to electra woman. ladies cried cyro you are the best yet as the process came to completion. with that cyro turned and left leaving lois and susan to their fate. but wait is it over for these women maybe not. stayed for the next chapter escape.. same time same bat channel.
You know I try to submit things that appeal to me a little strange granted but in all honesty rather satisfying.The stories I post are not perfect but I feel fit the mood Ive learned to pull with an even strain and the drawings well I don't take credit for creating them I cant draw a straight line and those I post I feel have an appeal to me ok so I don't fit the mold of a regular guy but I feel in a way somewhat redeemed by what I post regards-SNOPLE.....
 seeing the female form frozen robotized and various forms of asfr is fascinating to me kiss the girls and make them die is a favorite I would like to see more realistic scenes of females frozen robotized etc..


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mike smith
United States
born 1961 denver colorado usaf vet loves old sci fi movie especially frozen ladies

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