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THEY CAME...riding in jeeps and trucks they entered the village of  MANTIGO and surrounded the village square dragging the young women from their homes many of them screaming but the soliders women dressed in tight form fitting uniforms with mindless expressions on their faces paid no heed as the women were loaded into trucks.Watching was a young girl TAMIRA and she tried to sneak out but was caught by one of the soliders and placed in the trucks with the rest.The trucks left the village and rolled to the capitol where they pulled up to a plain white building and the women were hustled inside.There they met a woman dressed in a tight fitting bodysuit and she stared at each captive.Periodically she would grunt a command and a girl would be escorted to another room.Finally she looked on TAMIRA and smiled she shouted a command and a guard grabbed her arm  and took her to another room lined with tubes.There she was left and she tried the door but it was locked.She turned to look at the tubes noticing each was frosted over. She went to the tubes and wiped away a patch of frost and she screamed-inside was her friend Maria frozen inside her body icy white with icicles dribbling down her long hair.She saw others some she knew others strangers to her then before she could think she was grabbed by the guard and taken to another room where the woman awaited her.She nodded at two assistants who seemed to be a mindless state and guided her to the center of the room where another woman brandished a needle.Tamira struggled but to no avail as her arm was outstretched and injected with a drug that placed her in a tranclike state.Tamira was undressed and placed in a tube and hooked up to a headset.The tube quickly filled with a greenish liquid and checking the indicators noted that she was placed in a state of hibernation activated a program as energy beams struck her head penetrating her brain linking her to the board.She pressed another button and her eyes flew open glowing an unearthly white.Tamira was trapped she was being reprogrammed her values and identity stripped from her.She tried to fight the process but time was against her as she was no longer an person but a pawn to be used.Several weeks would pass and with others similarly brainwashed she stood at attention dressed in a tight fitting bodysuit her body modified to become the perfect solider her face expressionless like the others obeying orders like a robot.She turned with the others to carry out her orders to be the PERFECT SOLDER passing the tubes containing her frozen friends who she no longer recongised..
SETI was pharaoh of all Egypt with power of life and death over the people of Egypt and yet as he sat on his throne he wished he could avoid making judgment upon two who stood before him his daughter TIRA and her handmaiden KHARE as both were caught in a sexual situation and even now he wished he could avoid the investable but in the end he knew what he must do.SETI ordered them to rise-looking at them he pronounced sentence mummification for his daughter and EK BA- the dreaded guardian of the tomb punishment.The guards came and led them away as SETI buried his head in his hands and sobbed as the court looked on in astonishment.The women were taken to the temple where they were separated as KHARE was led to a chamber.There her clothes were removed and her head shaven then two priests came in carrying buckets filled with resin and after folding her arms across her chest they began to brush her with the resin allowing the first coat to dry then applying more as her body stiffened unable to move.The priest lifted her resin coated body and placed it in a hollow on a sarchegous lid.The priests fitted a royal headdress on her head and sealed it with more resin gluing it in place.The priests then placed two paper shields over her pupils and then placed the staff and scepter in her hands then lifted the lid and carried it to a vat filled with liquid gold and lowered her into it immersing her completely for several minutes then lifting her out of the vat allowing the excess to run off.They placed her back on the table and allowed the gold to harden then began to paint her according to custom.They then placed her upright as another set of priests brought the princess in.KHARE was helpless she could only watch as they began to mummify her lover as they wrapped her in layer after layer of linen then was coated with resin KHARE could see the fear in TIRAs eyes as the process contuined until she was completely motionless and mummified.The priest carried her to the vat and lowered her in encasing her in gold then wrapping her again as the priest wrote upon the linen the punishment and the penalty for disturbing the princess.They placed a mask of gold on her head and then lifted the mummified princess and placed her in the sarchegous.Just as they were ready to lift the lid and seal her in a murmur  came the great SETI had entered and he waved his hand and the chamber emptied.He stared at the mummified form and KHARE could see that his eyes were sad as he touched the mummified form that was his daughter then stared at her mummuring to her to protect his daughter.He left and the priests lifted the lid and placed it on the sarchegous and taking poles  lifted their burden  and carried it to a wagon where they were taken to a tomb carved out beneath the great pyramid.There they were placed in a chamber lined with the princesses things but the walls bare of markings a punishment itended to keep both souls confined after death.Flowers were placed  around the beir then the priest backed away as they began to seal the tomb and soon everything was quiet with only a dim glow enimating from the beir as sunlight penetrated through a small shaft left forgotten as both women were left to face their fate alone.except for one figure watching in the shadows..
JOANIE CUNNINGHAM was taking art at UW-WISCONSIN majoring in art and when the professor suggested she check the nearby art gallery she jumped at the chance to expand her knowledge. She entered the gallery and began to sketch the various statues noting how lifelike they were until she came upon one statue at first she didn't pay it too much attention then as the sunlight struck it at an angle she thought gee that statue looks familiar so she went for a closer look staring at the face .Hmm she looks like a friend who took a class with me but no she thought she transferred to Princeton then my god it is her noting the birth mark on her neck but before she could turn she felt a prick and instantly stiffened as she was hustled off to another room. There she was placed on a table and stripped of her clothes by two women who stepped back as a figure stepped out of the shadows. Joanie stared at her it was her professor who looked down at her. Yes Joanie its me and I sent you here because you appreciate art like your friend Julie did - and she is now a perfect work of art as you will be. Joanie stared at her the drug rendered her mute. And now you will be transformed into a beautiful work of art ladies if you please as the woman stepped back.Joanie was helpless as first she was placed in a glass booth lined with nozzles where a pinkish foam was sprayed all over her body then rinsed off with water removing her hair completely.Next she was wheeled to a room filled with several vats.Joanie was placed in a basket and lowered into one filled with a pinkish liquid and left immersed for several hours then lifted out and the excess liquid was allowed to drain encasing her in a clear plastic sheen.The women posed her arrainging her limbs according to their mistresses instructions.They wheeled her to another vat weighed her on a scale and placed her in a bucket and lowered her into the boiling white liquid.Joanie wanted to scream but she was unable as she was immersed in the vat and a lid was lowered sealing her inside.Joanie felt the liquid bonding to her flesh transforming her into a statue as she remained immersed for three days then they lifted her out of the vat and placed her under heat lamps curing and bonding it completely to Joanie.Finally a wig made from the same material was placed on her head and expoxy applied to keep it on.A woman approached with a spray gun and appled a thin coat to give the statuefied Joanie a shiny patena.Finally they stood back admiring their handiwork Joanie Cunningham was truly a work of art her body posed  in a classic roman pose.Excellent Joanie you are truly beautiful and don't worry the liquid marble keeps you alive as she stared at the marblized face youll live 200 years tops as she stepped back as her two assistants moved her to a area of the gallery depicting roman life as she was placed next to Julie where there she remained as Joanie waited for help......


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