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"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" came the screams of the woman strapped on a table SUSAN squirmed but the straps were too strong. She stared at the man who was at a table fiddling with a syringe then walked over to the woman " I cant have you with a look of terror on your face - so here is something to calm you" as he took the syringe and injected her . "NO.... PLEASE DONT" she begged but the drug quickly did its work as within moments she stared at the ceiling a blank look on her face.
 The man stared at her body nude and well tanned she will be the perfect MARIE ANTIONETTE in his museum . He wheeled the table next to a vat filled with a bubbling pink substance and went to a corner where two halves of a form lay against the wall there he picked them up and placed the bottom on a another table. He then unstrapped the woman and placed her in the form then placed the other half on top of Susan and clamped it shut. He then moved her under the vat and hooked hoses to the form and checked the temperature gauge waited a short while then when it was right turned some valves and watched as the liquid flowed thru  the hoses into the form and watched it fill until it was full and then closed the valves.
SEVERAL DAYS LATER.... the man entered the room and walked up to the form and after making sure the substance had hardened removed the lid and tipped the table until it was vertical. He slowly pulled the form away from the cocooned woman . He noted that the form of a female shown on the substance but it was faceless and he then wheeled the encased Susan next to three other cocoons each containing a female inside. He donned gloves and a gas mask and grabbed a bucket containing a clear liquid took a paintbrush and started applying it to the cocoons as slowly but surely it began to melt the cocoon around them until it was completely dissolved.
 The man stood back- each female was now a wax statue their flesh smooth and free of blemish SUSAN in particular was exquisite her skin flexible to the touch he removed his mask and began to prepare his creations for display.
 A WEEK LATER.... crowds gathered at the museum to see the latest creation labeled MARIE AND HER COURT there under soft lighting was Susan dressed as MARIE ANTIONETTE surrounded by other statues women transformed their bodies trapped in wax unable to escape a smile frozen on their lips the patrons unaware of what has transpired....
HELGA SCHULTZ was an SS scientist working on the process of long term cryogenic freezing and unlike many of her colleagues knew the THIRD REICH was collapsing so she through a sleight of hand arrainged the transportation of equipment vital in her research.
APRIL 4 1945.... a mine on property owned by her family was the perfect place for what she had planned hidden long ago abandoned she was ready and after she ordered her laboratory destroyed she joined her family sister HELGA her daughter VEGA and HELGAs daughter EMILY as they entered the mine and using an old elevator creaked it way downward  until they were 300 feet deep. There was the equipment four tubes hooked to banks of equipment and without hestitation they began to prepare as first they removed their clothing destroying uniforms and other military parahenila  then placing civilian clothing in boxes. Then each one laid in their tubes and watched as they were sealed inside. A timer was set to go off and almost immediately a hissing sound was heard as the tube began to grow colder then frost over.
   They felt a numbness and HELGA stared at her arms and legs as her flesh turned from pink to a bluish white and she found she could not move them . Slowly it moved up her body reaching her head then her vision blurred then turned white as her pupils frosted over then her thoughts turned to ice as the process shut down her organs.
  Over the next several days the process contuined as ice thickened around the nude forms until the tubes became crystal clear and the foursome was completely frozen icy cold their skin a metallic blue- white they were in a frozen slumber. A timer began to beep and lit up  flashing a reading-  TIME TO REVIVAL 100 YEARS....
Man you know I get stressed out in fact ive just got over one of my stress attacks so I turn to d-art to relieve it and man they never disappoint in providing good art

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