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TARA MICHAELS was a theif a talented theif but she had pushed her luck and now after escaping police custody was on the run and she was looking for a place to hide and she saw it a warehouse.She snuck in through the back door and noticed it was a mannequin factory.She heard voices and decided to make like a mannequin  so she hurriedly stripped and stepped into a stall and went still.The voices came and went and she started to relax she could exit at her leisure but then- she heard a whine as if machinery were being activated.She felt a vibration and she looked up and she saw what looked like a nozzle above her but before she could move a spray of a fine mist rushed out onto the stall and she found herself immersed in it as she was unable to move.She tried to scream but her mouth was stuck close as the mist began to penetrate her skin.TARA struggled as the mist thickened and soon her struggles ceased as for two long hours she was trapped her body encased in a wax cocoon  but soon it shut off and fans activated drawing the mist from the stall.Heat lamps kicked on  hardening the wax around her as TARA helpless could only stand still.The lamps shut off and suddenly the now mannequized theif felt her self move along a conveyor belt to another chamber where a mould  awaited her as it closed in around her then a few seconds later removed.She began to rotate as a expoxy was applied to her body then allowed to dry.TARA then was moved to shipping where a tag was attached to her neck and placed in a shipping carton.The next day she was placed in a truck and taken to a building and delievered inside where a police officer signed for it.TARA was taken to a display case and dressed in a police womans uniform and placed on display where unaware to the officers was the theif the police were looking for as TARA was now modeling at the academy
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SAMATHA MANNING looked at the pedestal which contained two women VICCA AND KERI who short time ago were having sex in their room but now they were locked in an intimate embrace paralized by a drug slipped in their drinks and they were brought into her studio by two of her assistants and placed on the pedestal.She smiled as she noted their mouths were in perfect position their tongues entwined.She took a needle ad injected them slowing their metabolic rate to a crawl  then instructed her assistants to place them in the booth.There the booth was sealed and one of the women turned a valve.Inside VICCA AND KERI were being sprayed the wax bonding to their bodies encasing them hardening around them like a mould transforming them into wax statues thickening hardening until they were completely cocooned in wax.The spray cut off as the wax bonded to them and hardened.The door opened and the cocooned women were removed.SAMATHA tapped the wax cocoon and got a hollow sound then turned to the table and got out a tranqulizer gun and shot her two assistants then after placing them in the booth and turning on the wax treatment went back to the two cocooned women and tapped them with a hammer and after several hours removed the wax cocoon .She stepped back and gasped-they were beautiful as they gleamed under the wax .A buzzer went off and she opened the booth door and pulled her cocooned assistants out of the booth and then freed them from the wax cocoon and soon she had four beautiful women as wax statues.She then placed them in moulds sealing them in then hooked them up to hoses connected to a vat of a whitish liquid.She turned a valve and the liquid went thru the hoses into the moulds as soon the whitish liquid spill from holes in the moulds She closed the valve and waited for it to harden then opened the moulds removing it from the women.SAMATHA smiled they were perfect their bodies were now marbleized sculpted as if carved.She ran her fingers over VICCA AND KERI voluptuous forms noting their mouths captured in a lovers embrace. She noted her two assistants posed in a lovers clench how perfect they were.She then wheeled the foursome to her private room where under soft lights they were placed on displayfor her and a few invited guests to see  some all women statuefied  beauties as love is forever


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