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TAMIRA UHER was a marine her medals and rank told of her distuingshed service and she was ordered to a hangar at the end of the base in full gear and she was ushered in to me met by a colonel who instructed her to stand guard duty  and to say nothing to anybody.She agreed and after a short briefing was taken inside the main area and she gasped-the object she was guarding was an alien vessel but she took up her post and told she would be relieved in eight hours and to be vigilant and after they left she began to walk about the ship .DAMN she thought this is huge and while she was inspecting the outside a small panel opened and a disclike object exited and hovered above her then a bluish beam emmited from it striking her freezing her in place.TAMIRA began to float as the disc pulled her along like she was on a tether into the ship.There several discs surrounded her and with precision removed her uniform and placed her in a chamber.TAMIRA could not move -but could only watch as the discs surrounded her as if they were lusting for her.She felt a pressure as she saw a cone shaped form fall into her line of vision then a greenish light blinded her momentarly then her vision cleared as areflection off the glass in front of her showed a headset placed on her temples.Suddenly she felt a sharp pain as beams struck the sides of her temple she wanted to scream but couldn't.She felt a warmness around her body then saw a gel encase her.She tried to move but couldn't as she felt light as a feather.She started to hear voices mathematical equations.Stop she shrieked in her mind get out of my head but the voices were louder shouting her out then-she felt groggy her mind becoming cloudy as she couldn't focus.TAMIRA saw her eyes glow off the reflection. DO NOT RESIST..was the voice she tried but it was too strong for her.SUDDENLY  her mind went blank her thoughts replaced by ones not her own.OBEY UNIT was the command YES MUST OBEY as new programming kicked in and soon she was no longer TAMIRA UHER but a robounit programmed to obey the intelligence that built this ship.LATER.....the colonel was angry she had abanded her post as he held the rifle in his hand-he heard a door opening and swung around and gasped the missing marine strode down the gangplank dressed in a silver bodysuit her eyes glowing a greenish color.WHO ARE YOU WHERE IS THE GUARD..TAMARA UHER NO LONGER EXISTS SHE HAS BEEN CONVERTED SO MUST ALL FEMALES as she lifted her arm and emitted abeam incarnating the males and freezing the females in place.She turned and went back inside taking the females inside with her and soon they too became robounits programmed to convert others to take over earth..
It was adrak night and the store was closed and locked up tight-well not so tight as a small window in a forgotten corner of the building creaked open and a figure dressed in black slithered through as the figure known as the fly made her arrival.She knew the location of every camera in the building and the layout and she was in for a big payday.Slowly she crawled past one camera after another placing pictures in front of the cameras so as not to raise the alarm.Quickly she scanned the store and spotted what looked like the office.She went over to the door and saw a pad.No problem-she took out a crd and swiped it and the door opened with a satisfying click one her notable devices for getting into locked rooms.She turned around and saw an elevator instead of a safe.HMMM she thought maybe this leads to the money.She stepped inside and rode it down to what appears to be a warehouse.FUNNY I DONT REMEBER THIS READING THE PLANS she thought.Deciding to take a look she moved along the length of the building and seeing nothing she decided to hightail it out of there when she flashed her light upon a cube set in a wall.She could barely make out two figures stored within so she decided to take a closer look and recoiled in shock-there were TWO WOMEN frozen in amber.MY GOD..she thought these are the two missing models got to get out of here.She turned and headed back to the elevator and got inside.She pressed a button but the elevator refused to move.Just then she heard a hissing sound-GAS! she cried but suddenly found herself unable to move.The door opened and a man dragged her paralised form from the elevator.WELL WE HAVE A VISITOR as he took off the hood.MY WHAT A LOOKER GOT CAUGHT DID YOU NOT WELL LET ME GIVE YOU A TOUR.He placed the woman onto a cart.YOU SEE I ADMIRE BEAUTY SO I DEVISED A WAY TO PRESEVE IT THOSE YOUNG WOMEN YOU SAW WELL THEY ARE NOT DEAD  BUT IN A STASIS-AS YOU WILL BE.He carted her to a dias where he placed her then stripped her of her clothes.OH YES QUITE BEAUTIFUL YOULL DO JUST FINE.He quickly set to work preparing her for her confinment.First he posed her clamping her limbs in place then style her hair in a 50s style then painted her face.He then rolled her into a room where several vats awaited them.He placed her next to one and lowered a glass cylinder and clamped against the dias.He then went over to a lever and pressed it down as a vat began to tip as a honey colored substance began to pour into the cylinder immersing the helpless girl.Once the cylinder was full he raised it back up and flicked a switch as a reddish glow filled the room as it cured the amber surronding the girl.Finally the amber was hardened and the cylinder lifted.He approached the girl now trapped in amber.AHH YES MY DEAR SUCH A PERFECT FORM-PRESERVED FOR ALL ETERNITY as he marveled at his latest trophy.She was beautiful her hair swirling about as if in a wind caressing her face her arms posed as if dancing her legs slightly bent to convey a certain  erotic feel.Her breasts were erect her nipples full she was a jewel as her days as a theif now over.He then carted her to an alcove and placed it next to a woman her cylinder marked GIOIA FROZEN 3-23-1966 AGE 24.He went to a machine and typed out a command and moments later a plaque was attached  to her cylinder reading DIANA FROZEN 5-12-1990 AGE 21.Satisfied he patted the cylinder and left the room locking it behind him as he prepared for his next victims..
RENE AND ROSIE TENISON were models and twin sisters.Visiting back home they went window shopping at a store checking out the latest bargins when they decided to try on a swimsuit.They entered the dressing rooms and stripped off their clothes.Just as they were going to slip into the suits a gas was pumped into the booths paralising them.The door opened and two men wearing gas masks pulled them out and carried them to an elevator.The doors opened and they entered what appeared to be a warehouse except the rows were filled with cubes containing women encased in a amberlike substance.A man looked up and looked the women up and down and said GOOD GOOD THE BEST ONES YET-PLACE THEM ON THE DIAS.The men obeyed then turned and left.The man approached RENE AND ROSIE  then turned to their purses as he fished for their IDs.Seeing who they are he chuckled two beautiful dark skinned ladies ive never had twins before.He went to the women and began to prepare them first placing their arms and legs onto transparent clamps locking them into place.He then styled their hair shellackng it as if it was being blown in a breeze then tipped their heads back to convey a sensous pose.He then placed transparent sheild under their eyelids propping open their eyes.Then he began to makeup their faces as he painted their lips a sensous red and attached false eyelashes to adda glow to their eyes.After minor adjustments he stood back and admired his handiwork.RENE AND ROSIE were works of  art their bodies posed sensuasly their legs bowed slightly their hands caressing their breasts an hair.NOW MY DEARS YOUR WONDERING WHY IVE BROUGHT YOU HERE-WELL I LOVE BEAUTY AND I WISH TO PRESERVE IT AND MY SPECIAL AMBER WILL DO THAT-PRESERVE YOU FOR ALL ETERNITY IN STASIS.He wheeled the ladies next to a vat.THIS IS WHERE I STORE MY AMBER AS YOU SHALL SEE.He picked up a needle and injected the women.NOW TIME TO BOTTLE YOU UP.He went over to a lever and pushed it down.Awhine filled the room as a glass cube dropped from the ceiling and fell into place around the trapped women.GOODBYE MY DEARS TIME TO SLEEP.He pushed down another lever and the vat began to tip as a clear amberlike substance began to fill the cube immersing the women completly.RENE AND ROSIE were helpless as they could only watch as the amber surronded them immersing them completly.The vat returned to its upright position as the amber settled in the cube.He pressed another lever and a reddish glow surronded the cube as it hardened and cured the amber inside.Finally the glow dissapated as the cube lifted leaving the women suspended in the amber.RENE AND ROSIE were now caught as incest was unable to move or escape.The man smiled-his best yet.He went to a peice of equipment and typed into a keyboard and moments later he placed a sign on the cube as it read RENE/ROSIE TENISON AGE 26 PRESERVED 11/23/1993.He then rolled the women to a room where he placed them next to an CHINESE WOMAN frozen in a tube as her sign read WILMA SOONG AGE 24 FROZEN 4/21/1966.He then locked the door and went back to his work-preparing more women to be placed in amber.


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