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WENDY DAVIS was reporting for work at the CIA she had been recruited because of her stellar career in the military first in her class at WEST POINT her IQ of 185 qualified her for work on secret projects no wonder she was hot item and now she was working for the top spy agency.She reported in as requested and was issued her credentials and was told to wait in a room for her orientation. She sat patiently then seeing a pot of coffee deciding to help herself and she began to sip wondering what was taking so long. WENDY began to feel drowsy most likely that big breakfast she ate but her eyes felt heavy- she couldn't stay awake until she slumped over onto the sofa asleep from the drug placed in the coffee.A door opened and two women came in wheeling a stretcher in which WENDY was placed upon and wheeled right out as they went down a hallway to a room marked SECRET PROJECTS NO ADMITTANCE WITHOUT CLEARANCE... They pressed a buzzer and the door slid open allowing access into a room lined with sophisticated machinery. The women stopped by a table and placed her on it and began to undress her until she lay nude. A doctor came to the table examined her and nodding stepped aside. The women then wheeled the table next to several tubes filled with women floating in a greenish liquid each fitted with a lightweight headset in which beams of light were enimating striking their temples.The women lifted WENDY off the table and placed her in an empty tube attached a headset to her temples and sealed the tube. A TECHINCIAN then flicked a switch and watched as a greenish liquid filled the tube immersing the helpless girl completely. He checked the reading noting that she was now in stasis then flicked another switch - beams of energy struck the girls temples penetrating thru her skull into her brain. The technician watch a moitor showing a human brain light up and a indicator flashed UPLINK COMPLETE ... SHALL I PROCEED ... The man punched in YES..and the computer responded PROCEEDING..PROCEEDING .. until it flash CONNECTION ESTABLISHED NEURO LINK COMPLETE.... The man watched WENDY her eyes opened but they were compound white her mind was linked to the most advanced computer  ever made suddenly a voice was heard I AM WENDY UNIT .... HOW MAY I SERVE .... but the voice was metallic but also human a fusion of woman and  machine . The man spoke into a microphone WENDY UNIT YOU WILL SERVE THIS COUNTRY YOU WILL SOLVE ANY PROBLEM DO YOU UNDERSTAND..... I UNDERSTAND AND OBEY MY PURPOSE IS TO SERVE.. and so WENDY became a slave forever used to serve her masters. FIFTY YEARS LATER... A woman entered a chamber and sat at a console she put on a headset and hit a switch. HELLO WENDY HOW ARE YOU as a tube lit up inside was WENDY IN STASIS her body perfectly preserved I AM FINE DOCTOR WHAT IS YOUR COMMAND WENDY UNIT STANDING BY....
MARIANNA KOLMOS was a bodybuilder and she was proud of her body but she went for a checkup she was given the worst possible news CANCER and it was terminal and at most she had a year to live.Devastated she cried many a tear and her friends tried to help but she remained in a funk. One day on her friends a cryobiology scientist suggested a solution - deep freeze she would be frozen until a cure could be found.MARIANNA was at first skeptical but eventually she agreed it was the way so a few days later after making sure her affairs were in order she arrived at the lab. MARIANNA was led to a room where a container was placed. She was told to strip and then ordered to lie in the container.There she was given an injection which placed her in a semiconscious state. Her friend held her hand for a few moments then placed it next to her body as she was wheeled under a spout.After making sure that it was positioned properly the spout was opened and finely ground ice was released covering MARIANNA completely from head to toe until she was covered completely. The woman took a trowel and leveled it until it touched the top of container then she wheeled MARIANNAs iced covered container to a spot under a metal lid.She lowered it on top sealing it in then attached several tubes to the lid. The woman then turned a set of valves and saw liquid flow from tanks mounted on the ceiling each marked LIQUID NITROGEN LIQUID HELIUM LIQUID OXYGEN into the container saw icy fog enimate from the container. She turned the valves off stopping the flow then turned another valve and she heard a high pierced whistling sound as the lid began to press upon the container with thousands of pounds of force.Finally the process ground to completion as she turned the valve back releasing the pressure and she lifted the lid. She moved the container to a dias where metal claws grabbed MARIANNA frozen form and lifted it gently out of the container and moved it to a dias.The woman marveled at her friend MARIANNA now a frozen statue the ice compressed around her body like a second skin- marble white she was frozen in beauty.The woman caressed her friend then began the final step as she lowered a glass tube sealing her in. She pulled down a lever and a greenish liquid filled the tube which hardened after a few moments protecting her frozen form from harm. MARIANNA was now preserved  awaiting the cure that would free her from her icy sleep. The woman turned and prepared for the next step- freezing herself to be awakened and soon she too joined her friend frozen waiting for the cure..
THE YEAR WAS 2345 and EARTH was recovering from a nuclear war two centuries ago and tribes of humans roamed the ruins of cities looking to survive and one of the humans TAMIRA was on the run from a tribe out to kill her and to take what she had. She rounded a corner of an old dilpadated building and sounds and footsteps of her pursuers looked for a place to hide and she saw it a hole just big enough and well hid enough to get into and quickly she ducked in just as the group came around the corner and ran past her.TAMIRA gulped she knew they would be back but before she could plan her escape the ground gave way and she slid down a slide into a chamber.TAMIRA was unhurt but she was trapped the slide was too steep to navigate in the darkness.She looked around for a light source finally finding a metal rod she fumbled with it until it flashed on illumating the room in a greenish glow.She was amazed the room was lined with ancient machines- a few she recongised from ancient books COM-PU-TERS was the wording in the books.She flashed the stick about saw the entranced blocked up by the slide she would have to find another way. TAMIRA looked about saw a door dust covered bur serviceable and saw a metal plate on it- she wiped it off and saw lettering but her limited intelligence failed to comprehend the words CYRO- BIOLOGY. TAMARA tried the door it opened easily and she stepped inside.TAMARA flashed the light around and saw three glass tubes along a wall.Curious she approached the tubes and then in horror stepped back- inside there were females nude and in a state of sleep. TAMARA shuddered she sensed she needed to leave this place but before she could do that she heard a hum she turned and screamed- a metallic arm was reaching for her and before she could move it grabbed her lifting her off the floor. TAMARA struggled but its grip was too much and she banged at it with the light but to no avail. Suddenly the lights came on and TAMARA saw dozens of tubes lined along the chamber walls each containing a female in a state of sleep.TAMARA screamed but with no to hear she was helpless as the arm placed her on a table as metal clamps locked her arms and legs in place. The arm then reached for a mask which placed over her mouth and nose and within seconds she felt groggy as she breathed in a gas.The arm meanwhile stripped her of her clothes then ran a scanner over her and satisfied that she was healthy prepared her for the next step- storage.The table titled and TAMIRA was released from her bonds was grasped and lifted and carried to a chamber where she was placed inside.The chamber was sealed and a gel was pumped inside. TAMARA banged weakly on the glass but the gel made it difficult slowing her blows.TAMARA was frightened the gel had completely immersed her yet she wasn't drowning then she felt a coldness a cold she never felt before as her chamber began to ice over TAMARA felt her heartbeat slow then stop for a few seconds more her brain registered thought then too shut down. Finally the job was done TAMARA was completely frozen her body joining the others frozen. The machine whirred- it had carried out its programming to place humans in storage for 500 years until it was safe to rebuild unaware the radiation had altered it as the machines kept collecting unwary visitors. The lights shut down and the arm retracted to its original position awaiting its next victim..
NEENA QUIREZ AND BRANDY DAVIS were officers on patrol in a rundown part of town and that included several warehouses long since abandoned. They were checking out the area when they noticed a light flashing from a window of a warehouse long abandoned they stopped the cruiser and got out - they took out their revolvers and went to the building and peeked in nothing they noticed then they saw the flash again and decided somebody was inside they took up positions at the door kicked it in and hollered FREEZE!!!!but they were in for a surprise as a bluish beam struck them paralising them and they could only watch as disc shaped object maneuvered in front of them and emitted another beam that began to levitate them and carry them to the far wall which slid open to allow passage sliding back into place. The disc stopped in the middle of the room lowering the helpless women to the floor. VERY GOOD M-5 YOU MAY ASSUME YOUR STATION ... the disc beeped then moved to a slot in the wall where it shutdown. A figure came out of the shadows dressed in a white overcoat he looked at the two figures standing in front of him HMMM he thought two beautiful subjects he thought as he began his work. First he stripped them of their uniforms then he gave them a brief examination then he placed them on a dias then he wheeled them to a corner of the room. He placed sensors on their bodies  then  injected them with a drug .He then lowered a glass cube over their forms and sealed the cube. He walked over to a panel and flicked a switch then turned to watch. He saw a gas being pumped into the cubicle noticed their hair swirling as if caught in a breeze whipping around their faces then just as quickly stiffen.He watched as the gas obscured their forms then the cubicle went opaque.He checked his board the readings as predicted were right on the money . He then turned the switch off watching the glass clear then he walked over and inspected his latest work. Both women were frozen their bodies in stasis frozen in erotic poses NEENA skin gleamed in the icy atmosphere while BRANDY glowed. The man smiled- this was his finest work ever as he detached the cubicle and wheeled it into a room where several other cubicles awaited each containing women frozen inside. He hooked them to  several tubes and turned a wheel and within seconds the cubicle was covered in frost. He set timers to the cubicle then exited the room. The timer flashed then beeped and numbers appeared  TIME IN STASIS...150 YEARS....
TINA LYNDA AND TARA were taking in the sights and sounds of the amusement park when they came upon the funhouse- and they decided to take a ride and after paying at the gate they settled in one of the cars and strapped themselves in. They entered the funhouse and squealed in delight the monsters mummies and other delights when suddenly the car veered onto another track- at first the girls thought that this was part of the ride when a blast of a whitish gas blew in their faces paralising them in the car which stopped in front of a deck there three figures lifted them out and carried them to a room where a woman awaited dressed in a white lab coat. She smiled as the three figures placed them on diases and then left.The woman approached them and wordlessly undressed them. She then wheeled them into a chamber and placed them dead center then taking a hose which a nozzle was attached sprayed them with a pinkish foam from head to toe then after a few seconds graabed another hose and rinsed them off leaving them completely hairless.She then took a syringe and injected each girl with a drug which slowed their metabolism to a crawl. She then placed shields over their eyes posed them then moved nozzles mounted on a frame and positioned them around the trio. She exited the chamber went to a valve and turned hearing a groaning sound and a vibration  as a pinkish substance shot out the nozzles onto the girls bodies as it began to encase them slowly obscuring their faces and then their bodies until they were completely cocooned.The woman turned the valve shutting off the liquid then setting a timer left the room returning a day later dressed in coveralls.She entered the chamber and tapped the cocoons they gave a solid sound so she knew they were ready and so taking a hammer and a chisel began to tap away at the cocoons until they were free.The woman then wheeled the three girls out of the chamber and into the room.She removed the eye shields and and taking a nozzle attached to a hose sprayed the first one with fleash colored paint then did the other two with different colors.She allowed the paint to dry then applied makeup to their lips and drew in eyebrows with a marker.Finally she took another nozzle and gently sprayed them with an thin coat of epoxy sealing the paint and makeup in. She took a device placed it next to their eyes and pressed the trigger a beam of energy struck them giving their eyes a glow then finally she rolled out a set of wigs put them on the girls head trying each one until she found the perfect ones.The woman stepped back and admired her creations the once vibrant teens were now lifeless mannequins TINA looked marvelous her dark skin and light brown eyes matched perfectly her dark skin glowing under the light her arms posed most seductively  LYNDA was sexy her skin painted to match that of the Chinese her eyes jade green posed so that her right hand caressed her face her left her right breast her wig forming a bowl around her face.TARA was the ultimate beauty- her body bronzed to match her blue eyes which seemed to glow posed her left posed to touch her hips her right frozen in a wave each now the perfect mannequin. The woman then rolled the trio into another room where several dozen females awaited each turned into mannequins. She passed by the one next to the door  she was once a police detective transformed when she got a little too close. She positioned the trio then went into an office where she took off her coveralls and draped it on the arms of a mannequin a young girl who stumbled onto the operation and picked up the phone- and within moments made arraingments to sell most of her mannequins to buyers. TINA LYNDA AND TARA wound up at a department store TARA in swimwear LYNDA in lingerie and TINA was in dresses ....
I often go about a story-see a drawing is one sometimes I vegetate a little about it sometimes it just comes to me like the story I just posted and I welcome comments on it


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mike smith
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born 1961 denver colorado usaf vet loves old sci fi movie especially frozen ladies

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