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TINA AND TAMIRA were twins out jogging in a nearby park as they were unaware they were being watched by something out of this world as a metal device followed their every move from a mound next to the track.The rod disappeared into the mound and in its place a triangular shaped device flew out of the mound toward the women who were sitting on a bench resting.The object flew in front of them and hovered just above their heads and a beam struck the women paralising them.The beam lifted them upward and moved them to the mound where they were lowered inside.The women were placed on tables and another beam struck them disingrating their clothing.They were scanned their bodies measurments  uploaded into the computers then a thin greenish beam struck their eyes as the computers extracted their knowledge and memories.Finally the computers ordered one of their drones to place them in tubes and the tubes filled with a greenish liquid.THECOMPUTERS CHIRPED and the twins were being transformed into drones their eyes glowing a eery white.Finally they were released they stood there mindless dressed in silver bodysuits.CONVERT OTHERS BRING OTHERS FOR STORAGE....WE OBEY THE PRIME DIRECTIVE was the response as they left the ship returning to their van.Within hours they returned with several women each placed in a trance.WE RETURN WITH OTHERS MASTERS...SCAN THEM...WE OBEY as the mindless twins carried out their instructions.Finally they placed two in tubes for conversion and the others they placed in cyrounits.They activated a control board and watched the women inside the cyrounits become encased in cryogenic liquid their bodies placed in stasis.PROCESS COMPLETED...AWAITING INSTRUCTIONS....BRING OTHERS..WE OBEY said the drones now joined by two others as they left.Soon they were joined by others converted or frozen  and soon the computers had what they needed.The ship lifted off with their specimens as they headed for the homeworld the drones at their station placed in sleep alcoves awaiting to serve their masters silent and unmoving...
VALERIE 6 AND JADA 4 were runners from the city of domes hoping to reach sanctuary and so far they have managed to elude the sandmen.They were in the heart of what was known as the old city and they reached an area blocked off by a door.They searched looking for a way to open it when when they saw a button and pressing it they saw it open as a chilly breeze greeted them.They went inside and came upon a scene as ice sculptures of birds and animals greeted them.They touched the sculptures but suddenly a voice came from nowhere WELCOME I AM BOX as they wheeled around to where the voice was and they saw was not a man but a machine silver colored hovering just above the icy ground.The women stared at it then said WE ARE RUNNERS VALERIE 6 AND JADA4 WE ARE LOOKING FOR SANCTUARY.YES I HAVE HEARD OF SANCTUARY BUT I AM BOX GUARDIAN OF THIS COMPLEX COME LET ME SHOW YOU  as h glided into another room and the women followed.AS YOU CAN SEE I STORE PROTIEN AND SEA GREENS THATS MY JOB as he pointed out the tanks filled with frozen objects.HAVE..HAVE ANY RUNNERS COME THROUGH HERE asked VALERIE.YES LET ME SHOW YOU THE WAY as he glided along HERE THEY ARE he pointed at the another room.VALERIE AND JADA walked in and screamed the room was full of runners frozen in tubes.NO....WHY!!! screamed JADA as she reconigized SUZY frozen in one of the tubes her body a bluish white.THATS MY JOB WHEN THE SEA GREENS STOPPED COMING THEY CAME AND I STORED THEM ITS MY JOB YOU KNOW as he raised a gun and fired dropping the two women to the floor.BOX pressed the gun again and the women were levitated off the floor and moved to two empty tubes.He fired again and their clothes were disintergrated then he went to a control board and inserted a arm into a slot and a light turned green.Behind him the tubes containing the runners began to frost over and within seconds they were coated in thick ice as VALERIE 6 AND JADA 4 were now frozen.BOX retracted his arm and went to the tubes and said ITS MY JOB YOU KNOW...TO FREEZE YOU as he glided away leaving two more runners frozen for eternity.


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