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HEH HEH HEHH EH ... came the cackling from the RIDDLER THE PRINCE OF PUZZLES as he looked at his two lovely trophies on a dias BARBARA GORDON AKA BATGIRL AND OFFICER RACHEL MONTONYA a policewoman with GOTHAM PD.A short time he had kidnapped them from the streets hitting them with a paralizing gas and now with his MOLL MOLLY an aspiring sculptor he plans his next move to try to draw the dynamic duo off his trail.HEHH HEHHH NOW MOLLY TWO BEAUTIFUL WOMEN FOR YOU MAKE PERFECT GO TO IT as he left the room.MOLLY went to work as she removed their clothes posed them and then moved the dias under a vat labeled QUICK DRYING PLASTER.MOLLY placed a wooden frame around their bodies then  turned a valve as the plaster quickly covered the duo encasing them in a plaster cocoon. MOLLY waited until the plaster hardened then moved the dias away from from the vat.She removed the plaster from around the women noting how that their bodies were completly white.MOLLY then moved them to a cage and placed them inside.She took a box attached to a thick cable and pressed a green button lifting the cage off the floor and using a toggle switch moved them over a vat labeled LIQUID MARBLE - and slowly lowered them into the vat immersing them completly.She waited until a suitable time then lifted them out and lowered them onto the floor.She removed them from the cage and allowed it to dry.She then took a wire brush and smoothed out any rough edges then sprayed a polymer solution giving the now marbilized pair a sheen.The RIDDLER walked in just as she was finished.BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL said the prince of puzzles as he stroked the beauties YOUVE OUTDONE YOURSELF.THANK YOU RIDDLER NOW WHERE IS MY SHARE? ASKED MOLLY.RIGHT HERE as RIDDLER whipped out a pistol and pulled the trigger as a cloud of vapor enveloped MOLLY paralising her AND NOW... SEVERAL HOURS LATER..,BEAUTIFUL MY DEAR MOLLY as he looked over his one time girlfriend now marblized YOU WILL JOIN THE OTHERS IN MY NEXT RIDDLE HEH HEHHHH MUST BE GREEDY MY DEAR YOUVE BEEN RAKING OFF MY ILL GOTTEN GAINS TOO BAD YOU MUST PAY as he kissed her marbilized lips.TAKE THEM BOYS I MUST MAKE A CALL TO COMMISONER GORDON. Soon the phone at police headuarters rang HELLO COMMISONER GORDON HERE....HELLO COMMISONER I HAVE A RIDDLE FOR YOU AND AFTER YOU MIGHT CHECK ON YOUR DAUGHTER BABARA AND ONE YOUR OFFICERS -RIDDLE ME THIS WHAT WAS JOAN OF ARC MADE OF? and the phone went dead.GORDON was pondering this when word came that his daughter and MONTONYA was missing and the commisoner picked up the BATPHONE to call the dynamic duo. IS THIS THE END OF BATGIRL CAN SHE BE RESCUED WITH THE OFFICER AND MOLLY...STAYED TUNED SAME BAT TIME SAME BAT CHANNEL..
JULIE ROGERS was an applicant at MANNKIN and after a preliemary interview was seated at a table with three other women.THIS TEST WILL CHECK YOUR SPEED IN TYPING.THE STROBE LIGHT WILL HELP YOUR PROGRESS explained a instructor NOW BEGIN as she activated the light.The women began to type at first slowly then as the light began to flash more rapidly.Unknown to them they were being hypnotized as their minds began to go blank.Suddenly a voice entered their minds YOU WILL HEAR MY VOICE LISTEN TO MY VOICE OBRY MY VOICE as the women contiuned to type.YOUR HEART WILL START TO SLOW YOU WILL HEAR ONLY MY VOICE YOUR HEART WILL SLOW- YOU WILL STOP TYPING.The women put down their hands.OBEY ME MY LOVILES.Just then the doors opened and a man entered the room.Noting that the women were in a trance he removed the headsets.YOU WILL OBEY YOU WILL RISE.The hypnotized women arose.YOU WILL TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF.The women complied.NOW YOU WILL FOLLOW ME.The women followed him into another room where a glass booth sat in the center of the room where four women were being immersed in a mist.One minute later the spray was shut off and the booth opened.The four women were wheeled out transformed into mannequins.The man went over to the women and tapped them as a hollow sound eminated from them.AH PERFECT SET THEM UP FOR DISPLAY,YES SIR was the response as they were wheeled off.NOW LADIES as he turned to the hypnotized women you will be mannequins and you want to be mannequins dont you.YES SIR.Prepare them.Quickly they were guided to the chamber where each was posed and then injected with a drug that slowed the metabolic rate.The doors was then closed and a few seconds later a mist was sprayed inside.For two long hours the wax pentrated their skin converting them from flesh to wax.Finally the nozzles shut off and the door was opened.Each subject was now a perfect mannequin.The first JULIE was posed with her left arm raised as if passing over a candle.The next a beautiful black woman named LISA was frozen as if in a beauty contest.The third an asian named MINDY was placed as if in a gynmist contest.The forth a stunning blonde name GINGER was posed as if in playboy.Each woman was taken to a store and placed as displays in a store where they remain today.
YOU MUST PREPARE THE SUBJECTS CAREFULLY FOR TRANSPORTATION-THE LAST TWO FEMALES DIED AFTER TRANSPORT the voice on the screen intoned...WE WILL RESUME CONTACT IN 24 MEGACYCLES and the transmission ended as the two aliens turned and went to the other end of the cave where two women awaited both pinned to the wall like butterflies.They pressed a switch and the two women slumped as the aliens caught them.They were taken to tables and stripped of their clothes and a device was placed under their heads.A throw of aswitch and their bodies stiffened causing them to cry out in pain and then they slumped back on the table.The aliens threw another switch and swirling lights danced around the womens heads emitting more cries from them as their bodies were prepared for the next step.The process complete the women were carried to two tubes and placed inside and the doors sealed.The aliens threw a lever and slowly a humn filled the cave as the tubes began to frost over and the women stiffened as if at attention.Ice began to build on their bodies as the temperature in the chamber fell and soon the ice thickened and hardened around them until they were barely visible.The aliens checked the readings and were satisfied that they were in stasis they left returning several hours with two more females young girls playing at a park.They prepared them for freezing then placed them inside two more tubes placing them in stasis.A week later the aliens returned and thawed them and placed them on a dias and threw a switch saw them disapeer transported back to their home world.They then went to the communications console where a voice said WELL DONE ALL OF THE SUBJECTS ARE ALIVE COLLECT MORE...YES LEADER..they replied as they prepared for the next collection..


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mike smith
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born 1961 denver colorado usaf vet loves old sci fi movie especially frozen ladies

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