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IRINA MURIKOVENE AND ELENA KOROLAV had returned from a gymnastic meet winning gold medals.Arriving at the airport a small crowd greeted them at the airport and they were hurridly escorted to an anteroom where they were told to relax-they would be facing a press conference shortly.There were refreshments and each poured a glass of orange juice which they sipped then suddenly they dropped to the floor as the juiced was spiked with a sedative.The door opened and four women entered carrying them to a waiting van which sped off into the night.There it entered a non descript building and the two gymnasts were taken to an elevator where it sped downward to a laboratory where a woman in a whitecoat awaited.She snapped out an order and the two gymnasts were stripped of their clothes and taken to two booths and strapped upright and form fitting helmets were placed on their heads.She snapped out another order and the women went into another room and came back carrying two more women where they were placed in two empty beside IRINA AND ELENA and they were strapped in and helmets placed on their heads.The woman nodded and the others left the room and once the doors were closed she set to work.She began throwing switches as a humn began to fill the room as she watched the indicators then when the needle reached a certain point she threw another switch and a crackling sound was heard-and the women stiffened as if at attention as their eyes began to glow a silvery white she watched the monitors then as an indicator light flickered on she threw another switch as the women began to glow she then threw a switch marked DOWNLOAD and the womens eyes glowed even brighter she smiled as she saw the transfer of the information from IRINA AND ELENA to the others and when the transfer was complete she threw a switch and the room grew silent.She pressed a button and her assistants returned and unstrapped the women carrying off the two women then returned for IRINIA AND ELENA and placed them in another set of tubes.She pushed a button and the tubes began to fill with a clear plastic gel immersing them completely.She pressed another button and a metal sleeve slid onto the tubes and a hissing sound was heard as frost formed over the sleeve then the sleeve roseback into the ceiling . She went to the tubes and wiped frost from the glass and peered inside.IRINIA AND ELENA were frozen their forms preserved in the icy gel-their bodies an icy white stiff and unmoving.She opened the tubes and pressing a button two metal claws grabbed the cylinders from the tubes and moved them to a vault where other tubes were stored each containing a woman frozen inside.They were placed in alcoves and a glass panel slid into place and the alcove frosted over freezing them even more.Time would pass and the woman watching a tv saw the two women who had been in her lab win the medals at the Olympics knwing they too would soon be part of the frozen women in storage..


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mike smith
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born 1961 denver colorado usaf vet loves old sci fi movie especially frozen ladies

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