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SARAH was a student at UCLA an she wanted to join the sorority ALPHA MU OMEGA and she had to go thru a set of intiations and she dutifully participated in each one finally came the final test- she was blindfolded and led to a car and placed inside and driven to a building where she was hustled inside.They entered a room lined with machinery as a woman dressed in a business suit awaited.IS THIS THE SUBJECT?? she asked. YES  SARAH replied. THEN  PREPARE FOR YOUR FINAL TEST PREPARE HER as she turned and sat on a chair. The others quickly undressed her and attached her to a frame and rolled her into a chamber and placed her dead center surrounded by nozzles.SARAH still blindfolded waited as the woman said ONE LAST CHANCE DO YOU WISH TO BACK OUT....NO SARAH replied as the blindfold was removed and she blinked .The girls left the chamber and closed the door as the woman pushed a set of buttons and a hum filled the chamber. SARAH wondered what sort of intiation ritual is this but before she could ask a liquid began to spray out from the nozzles hitting her body and it felt warm and sticky.She tried to speak but the substance hardened around her mouth preventing her from opening it. SARAH panicked tried to struggle but to no avail the liquid was hardening around her encasing her obscuring her body until she was in a cocoon . Finally the spraying ceased and the door opened  and the women stepped inside and tapped the hardened chrysalis surrounding the trapped SARAH. The woman stepped inside and smiled WELL GIRLS SHE PASSED THE TEST AS HAVE YOU as she whipped out a instrument and pointed it at them pressing a button and a bluish beam hit the others paralising them. The woman went up to them and studied each one finally she spoke LADIES IM FROM ANOTHER PLANET AND IVE COME TO COLLECT FEMALES AND WHAT BETTER WAY THAN THOUGH A SOROITY.. AND JUST LIKE YOUR FRIEND YOU WILL BE STATUIFIED .The woman went to work and several hours later she had transformed them into lifelike statues each frozen in a special plastic  staring mindlessy except SARAH who was turned into an obeidant servant sent back to the university to prepare more victims for capture while the woman then transported each female for transport back to her world..
I often go about a story-see a drawing is one sometimes I vegetate a little about it sometimes it just comes to me like the story I just posted and I welcome comments on it


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mike smith
United States
born 1961 denver colorado usaf vet loves old sci fi movie especially frozen ladies

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