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OHH YESS SO GOOD MILAMAR FLORES sighed as she turned on the shower in the gym where she worked out and relaxed as the steamy liquid flowed down her body.OHH YESS she moaned then suddenly she stiffened as she felt a tingling as her vision blurred then cleared as she saw herself not in the shower but in a strange room but before she could act she was struck by a beam enveloping her.She saw a man holding a device and like a wand moved it and at the same time she began to levitate off the floor and began to float toward a door  exiting the room.WHAT..WHAT IS HAPPENING SHE THOUGHT ..but as she tried to speak she realized that her vocal cords were parallised so she had no choice as she floated behind the man into another room where several woman awaited her floating and paralised like her.She recognized several like CORY EVERSON AND LENDA MURRAY as she floated next to them.The man went to a table and picked up several metal collars and he placed them around their necks.He then picked up a small box and pressed a button and almost instantly the womens eyes began to glow a greenish color at the same time the field surrounding them disappeared and the women stood at attention.MILAMAR felt strange part of her tried to resist but her body was beyond her control.The man pressed a button and the women walked toward a machine.There the first one entered and a whining sound was heard then several minutes later she reappered encased in a clear plastic substance cocooned like a mummy her eyes glowing open with a blank expression.Each was fed into the machine and each was cocooned and soon it was MILAMARS turn and she too entered the machine.Inside MILAMAR was sprayed with several coats of the substance hardening around her.MILAMAR tried to resist but to no avail the cocoon held her tight.Finally she exited like the others immobile and trapped.The man lifted the cocooned women and placed each in alcoves carved in the shape of a female then placed a headset on each womans temple.He then slid a plasteen cover over each woman then pressed a button and almost immediately the alcoves frosted over placing their bodies in stasis.He then activated a computer program as electronic impulses were fed into their minds rewriting reprogramming them.MILAMAR resisted but it was too much as she succumbed to the programming. MONTHS LATER... it was game night in the arena on TARSUS IV and a man stood with three of his warriors three beautiful women dressed in gladiatorial gear as they waited for the announcement  GENTLBEINGS WE INTRODUCE OUR PLAYERS...MILAMAR CORY LENDA THE THREE WARRIORS AND IN THIS CORNER...
Two guards were escorting a prisoner down a hallway in the newly built SAFEWAY MAXIUM SECURITY FACILTY and it had all the latest features including a special punishment block for prisoners breaking the rules and this prisoner was the queen of troublmakers sent here because she could not obey the rules and now clad only in a robe was taken straightaway to the special area.They came upon a steel door and it opened and they went through into a room painted a plain white occupied by a machine several hundred feet long.A woman awaited along with several men dressed in suits.AHH YES SHE IS HERE PRISONER 175463A SENTENCED TO 50 YEARS ATTEMPTED MURDER OF A POLICE OFFICER.The woman smirked-she was evidently unrepentant.The woman was unimpressed she seen these types before YOUVE BEEN TRANSFERRED HERE BECAUSE YOU CANT OBEY REGULATIONS AND NOW YOU WILL BE AS THEY SAY PUT ON ICE .She turned and two men wearing white coats approached the prisoner and forced her right arm out where they injected a drug and within seconds she was paralised her body unmoving.The guards removed the robe and picked up her nude body and placed it in a clear plastic container and then placed a lid clamping it on tight then backed off.A man went to wall mounted lever and moved it downward and immediately it began to move into the machine swallowing it whole.The people moved to the machine and peering through several strategically placed windows watched as the machine did it work as the box moved to an area marked station number 1 where hoses hooked up to the sides of the box and a thick gel was pumped into the box immersing her completely.The hoses retracted and the box moved to number 2 station where lamps snapped on thickening the gel.Next the box moved to number 3 station where a rod containing a blue capsule was inserted through the top and then smashed-they could hear a crackling sound as they saw the box and the prisoner ice over.The box moved down the line until it exited the machine where it stopped.They watched as the lid was removed and a arm was lowered and the now frozen prisoner was lifted out of the box encased in a frozen gel and moved into another room.The group followed  and when they entered the room saw the frozen woman placed in a slot next to several dozen female prisoners who violated the rules.SEE FOR YOURSELF-THIS PROCESS ALLOWS US TO CONTROL THE MOST TROUBLSOME PRISONERS GO ON INSPECT HER SHE IS ALIVE I ASSURE YOU.The group went over to the block and examined each prisoner their faces staring blankly at them then watched as a guard placed a plaque on the frozen womans block it READ; 17546A 5 YEARS  THATS SAYS THE TIME THEY ARE FROZEN..WELL WHAT DO YOU THINK.The group smiled - they loved it and the next approved the project.And so it was done - and the prisoner displinery problems disappeared due to the punishment block nobody wanted to go there...
I often go about a story-see a drawing is one sometimes I vegetate a little about it sometimes it just comes to me like the story I just posted and I welcome comments on it
MICHELLE YIN was a scientist working for the CIA at their top secret facility studying machinery once owned by RAF ARDONIAN which he used to kidnap and freeze women some 250 in all stored in the hangar at the facilty.She had examined the equipment most carefully hoping that they could revive the frozen women and after five years had come no closer as ARDONIAN who was accidently frozen had died in his tube from a heart attack while trying to be revived and it was decided to leave the others frozen until a way to revive them safely.She was alone and she decided to take a walk around the hangar.She strolled along the tubes till she came to one tube-the one containing the Chinese agent WILMA SOONG and she stared at the frozen agent .She felt aroused her body shuddered then she looked back at the machinery and she wondered what would it be like to be frozen like the rest of them? MICHELLE walked over to the machine and opened the notebook and read ARDONIANS notes on freezing and coming to page 23 he wrote..TO PLACE THE FEMALE SUBJECT IN SUSPENED ANIMATION THE DRUG SCOPOLMINE MUST BE ADMINSTERED TO PLACE HER IN AN ORGASMIC TRANCE WHICH WILL LOWER HER METABOLIC RATE AND PLACE HER IN A TRANCLIKE STATE..MICHELLE  went over to the machine..yes the drug was there and by also reading his notes knew how to set up the machine and she quickly set the controls to automatic.She doffed her clothes and turned on cameras to record what would happen she then took ARDONIANS notes and shredded them to guarantee that she would not be thawed.MICHELLE then picked up the vial containing the drug and filled a needle with it she then moved to a box waiting at the entrance.MICHELLE then injected herself and almost instantly began to feel aroused she moaned and shuddered in orgasmic ectasy gasping for air then just as suddenly she went quiet as she went into a tranclike state and obeying an unspoken command walked into the box which tipped into the machine activating it automatically.MICHELLE in her trance state felt it move as it slid along a rail where it stopped.MICHELLE put her hands instinctively forward to stop her from crashing into the inner wall but in the next second felt the box pull away and slide into the floor.A tube slid into place and was sealed from both ends then a thick gel was pumped into it immersing MICHELLE and its warmth placed her deeper in a trance.MICHELLE felt the tube move then stop as a metal case slid into place and gasses were pumped inside plunging MICHELLE and the tube to subzero temperatures as she went into total stasis.The casing was removed and the tube moved onto a rack which slid out of the machine then titled it upright.A metal cap was clamped into place and she was slowly lifted onto rails in the ceiling and she was placed next to WILMA SOONG .MICHELLE was beautiful her body posed like the Chinese agent her left arm caressing her right breast her right brushing her cheek her hair long and dark swirling about her face like she was caught in a breeze her jade green eyes staring mindlessy ahead content to frozen for all eternity.THE NEXT DAY...her colleagues came into the facilty and at first were puzzled-where was she then they spotted her clothes then they saw the flashing lights of the monitor and by replaying the tapes discovered what she had done but could do nothing as she had destroyed five years of files and notes and they would have to start again as meanwhile MICHELLE YIN remained frozen her fantasy fulfilled..
I often go about a story-see a drawing is one sometimes I vegetate a little about it sometimes it just comes to me like the story I just posted and I welcome comments on it


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mike smith
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born 1961 denver colorado usaf vet loves old sci fi movie especially frozen ladies

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